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Our Mission

Equipping anyone affected by the dysfunctional aspects of their lives with the Gospel and principles of recovery.


To be of maximum service to God and the people we encounter.

Submission –James 4:7-10
Empathy – I Corinth. 13:4-7
Reliable – I Corinth. 16:13-14
Valuable – I Peter 2:9-10
Initiative – Nehemiah 4:6
Commitment – Psalms 37:3-5
Encouragement – I Thess. 5:11


To provide a variety of services and programs to assist anyone spiritually, emotionally, and relationally who suffers from the effects of addictive attitudes, behaviors, and besetting sins; and to be a referral source for the body of Christ and community at large.

We believe recovery and transformation are entwined together as one. A process of unlearning self-defeating patterns of attitudes and behavior based on falsehood in order to learn to relearn new life-giving patterns that are based on God’s Word.


Remember what addiction does to you
Entrust your heart to Christ
Clear away the wreckage of your past
Open your mind to new possibilities
Verbalize your thoughts and emotions
Engage in fellowship with believers and recovery community
Reunite with family and friends
Yes to a lifelong commitment of change